IDEA Webinar 3: Stop ecocide - start good living! Sa. 4.6.22: 14 Uhr (CET)

Das dritte IDEA-Webinar zur Initiative STOP ECOCIDE - START GOOD LIVING, in dem wir uns weltweit über gemeinsame Handlungs- und Kooperationsmöglichkeiten und Communitybuilding austauschen wollen.

Meeting ID: 842 2590 6499
Passcode: 376122

Theatre education in schools and communities enables us, students and teachers, to create, produce and perform the futures we envision. Can we each act, together, on time, to save our world?

This series of three webinars places performance at the heart of South-North dialogues to achieve three aims in times of ecocide and climate collapse:

● To view an Amazon-German students-theatre project collaboration as an example, to see how we might work in the space between Ecocide and Good Living.

● To view a Global project collaboration and six communities in crisis to see how students’ theatre projects in schools might act globally in our local place, between Ecocide and Good Living.

● To identify diverse strategies and develop plans for theatre education for Good Living through collaborative projects in and between different regions across the world.

This webinar series, proposed by Joachim Reiss and Tonio Kempf (former and actual presidents of BVTS), has emerged from a long collaboration between Brazilian (ABRA) and German national associations of theatre educators and drama in school, inspired by Amazonian projects (coordinated by former IDEA President, Dan Baron Cohen)

The first two editions of the webinar were held on 9th April and 7th May under the title Context and Example of Global South-North Collaborative Projects, while the third and last edition will take place on 4th June at 12 pm UTC with the topic Translating Dialogues into Project Collaborations at Home and between Regions.

After the end of each webinar, there is an open space of 30 minutes when participants can continue the conversation in the chat if they wish.